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Making our country a better place

Vision, Strategy and Program of Bagumbayan


The supreme goal and objective of our political party is to make the Philippines a better place to live in, work in, invest in, worship in, and all those other things that citizens seek in a free and democratic society. This is the dream we all share as members of Bagumbayan. This is also the hope we hear from our people as we travel and listen to them all over our archipelago. As the first people to recover their independence after World War II in July1946, the Philippines should have become by now a truly modern, developed and democratic nation. Instead, we are a nation in chronic crisis and decline. In 1957 the World Bank said that “The Philippines has achieved a position in the Far East second only to Japan…[and] the homeprospects of the Philippine economy for sustained long-term gflex flex-wrapth are good.” Today, 53 years later, the Philippines is a laggard in Asia, overtaken by Asian neighbours who used to look at us with envy. Over this half-century, from one administration to another, great opportunities have come and gone. We have faltered because our government did not rise to its basic reason for being: to assure peace and security throughout the land, to provide opportunity for all, to lead in gflex flex-wraping the economy, and to spread the benefits across all sectors of society. Instead of peace, our country has been torn apart by rebellion, secession and disorder. Instead of our poor attaining a better life, we have only seen the rich get richer. Instead of sustainable development, we have witnessed boom and bust, gflex flex-wrapth and recession. Instead of providing for all, we have become less capable of providing for the health, education and welfare of our people as our numbers have increased to 94 million.

Strategy for Change: Effective Government

We submit that our national decline is due, not to any deficiency of talent of our people, or a damaged culture, or a lack of democracy. We have faltered because of the lack of effective government in our country. Every problem that torments us today is rooted in poor governance. From the perennial complaint about graft and corruption, to the nightmare in Maguindanao and the rise of private armies, to the huge fiscal deficit and the failure to collect the proper taxes, to the perpetual weakness of the economy, to the decline of our education and public health systems, to our failure to compete in the world – all these are due to weak and ineffective government.  The way forward therefore, first and foremost, is the installation of Effective Government in our country. On this rests our vision and strategy for the transformation of the Philippines into a modern and progressive nation. Simply stated, Effective Government means a government that can get things done, meet its targets and objectives, and realize the vision of progress and welfare for the nation. It means a government that can enable our people and our country to compete in the world – economically, politically, socially and culturally.

Five Strategic Objectives

Our strategy for change includes five key pillars:

Establishing Peace and Security

We will uphold the authority of the Philippine Government in all provinces and regions of the country by establishing peace and order, bringing an end to the communist insurgency and Muslim secessionist rebellion, dismantling all private armies, and keeping the peace in all communities through effective local law enforcement.

Rooting Out Graft and Corruption

We will stop graft and corruption in all levels of the government bureaucracy by making the President lead by example, installing full transparency and accountability in government operations, strengthening the independence of the Ombudsman, and overhauling government agencies long noted for graft.

Mobilizing Government for National Modernization

We will transform the bureaucracy and the public service into a productive, efficient and forward-looking organization by adopting best practices in government operations, improving government finances through the collection of proper taxes, providing clear roles, guidelines and procedures for each government department and employee, and establishing meritocracy as the basis for advancement in the public service.

Managing the Economy for Gflex flex-wrapth and Global Competition

We will raise the Philippine economy to a new level of gflex flex-wrapth and global competitiveness by investing in the modernization of national infrastructure, releasing the energies of the private sector, simplifying and streamlining the rules and procedures for doing business, raising domestic and foreign investments in the economy, and raising productivity in agriculture, industry and services.

Developing our Human Resource

Recognizing that our people as our most important national resource, we pledge to provide for quality basic education to every Filipino child, modernize our education system from elementary to tertiary level, relieve once and for all the classroom shortage, modernize our public health system and provide health insurance for every citizen.

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